About Us

Image of Gill Hamrebtan, Director of Menobliss

About Gill:

Gill Hamrebtan, an experienced and versatile fitness/menopausal practitioner of 22 years is the owner and Director of Menobliss. After being in the fitness industry for many years, Gill became menopausal. Hot flushes, dizziness, weight gain and lack of sleep were not an easy thing to deal with when teaching 20 or more classes a week. Gill had started to lose her vitality, but was still passionate about what she did, and wasn’t prepared to hang up her trainers!  Listening to other women, she knew she wasn’t alone.
Some G.P’s may offer HRT or anti-depressants, and then you’re on your own. There is very little help out there for the millions of women suffering everyday.

Gill was aware that her hormones were very much out of balance, and attended an accredited 3rd age peri to post menopause course that was aimed at fitness professionals. By taking this course, she realised that it wasn’t just her oestrogen and progesterone that were creating problems, but also her cortisol due to her high stress levels. All of this combined together was having a massive affect on her hormones and creating an imbalance that was destroying her health. Having finished the training, she then slowly implemented the nutritional, stress and exercise strategies that would make a huge difference to her health and well-being. Initially she worked on alleviating hot flushes, and as these lessened, she realised that these strategies had also impacted other areas, namely her sleep patterns which improved immensely.

From this Menobliss was created. Gill wanted to give other women the tools to take back control of their hormones and their life. By making a few tweaks nutritionally and changing her exercise routine, she is now in control of her menopause, and if she falls off the wagon, these changes are easily implemented to get back on it.

About Menobliss:

Our Mission

How do we do this?

  • Menobliss respects all women and their uniqueness – every woman will experience the menopause differently
  • We educate women about their hormones and the impact all hormones in the body have on the menopause
  • We inform women on how their lifestyle choices, (environment, nutrition, exercise, stress) impact their menopause
  • Menobliss helps women to put in place strategies that will help them to rebalance their hormones. This is done through the latest nutritional, exercise and stress strategies
  • We are committed to offering a high level of support to our clients to enable them to have a healthy menopause and regain their energy and vitality
  • Menobliss delivers this education and support through workshops, seminars and 1:1 sessions

Gill is a graduate of the Burrell Education 3rd Age Woman qualification, specialising in peri and post-menopause.