Home Visits (1:1)

About our 1:1 Home Visits:

Hot flushes? Mood swings? Mid-section weight gain? Stressed? Not sleeping? Don’t struggle on your own with peri-menopausal symptoms that are destroying the person YOU once were.
Menobliss can help and support YOU to get YOU back!
Home visits are bespoke packages that are just about YOU and the symptoms YOU are experiencing..

A 1:1 is ideal if you are unable to attend a seminar or workshop, or do not feel comfortable being in a small group. If you have other health issues, that are impacting your menopause, this may also be more suitable.

We will work together to implement strategies that will work for YOU and YOUR lifestyle so that you can feel confident and back in control.

Booking a 1:1 with Gill will include the following key areas:

  • PRE-SCREENING – This will help us to determine which hormones are out of balance.
  • HORMONE IMBALANCE – looking at the 6 main hormones associated with menopause. Linking your symptoms to the hormones in YOUR body that have caused the imbalance.
  • ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS – chemicals in the environment and your skincare that mimic oestrogen in the body, further upsetting the body’s equilibrium. Discover alternative options that can easily be added into your lifestyle.
  • STRESS – discover how stress affects your hormones and exaceberates any hormonal imbalance. We will discuss stress reducing techniques that you can easily implement into your life.
  • NUTRITION – food and drink either nourish your hormones or disrupt them. We will discuss balancing the 6 main hormones through YOUR nutritional choices as a natural alternative to HRT. YOU will learn how to start adding the RIGHT foods into your life that will work for YOU. No dieting required!
  • EXERCISE – looking at why your exercise programme may no longer be working for you as a means of weight reduction. Exercise too needs to be approached differently, so as not to put too much stress on our bodies. Find out about the scientific reasons behind HGH and Cortisol and how imbalanced levels of these can affect your ability to lose weight and store more fat.
  • SLEEP – discussing how a hormonal imbalance can affect your sleep, and strategies that can easily be implemented to help you wake up feeling refreshed.
  • This tailored one to one session will give you a bespoke package of strategies that can be implemented immediately.

Also included are:

  • Menobliss manual
  • Menobliss exercise DVD
  • Menobliss relaxation CD
  • Menobliss Meal Plan for Hormone Balance
  • Email-based support following this session to help you further implement the changes to help you re-balance your hormones.