"After attending one of Gill's workshops we were given so much information, and I've barely scratched the surface of it, but straight away I introduced two small things simple into my daily routine. A couple of months later I realised that I hadn't had a migraine for weeks, (when I was previously being floored by two or three a week), my dry itchy skin has really improved, and despite the recent heatwave, my night sweats have been better than they were in the middle of winter! Two little things that I would never have dreamed would help have made a big difference - Gill definitely knows her stuff, so if you are struggling, try one of her workshops!"
Jo Pierce
"I attended a very informative Seminar with Gill. Amazing to learn new things and also to bring things I already knew back to the forefront of my mind. It’s good to to know others are going through similar experiences and be able to share these without being judged!"
Helen Wilson
"Attended the event, met a great group of Ladies there and we shared our symptoms and alleviations. Gill gave a very informative presentation, fitness CD is great as is the support afterwards, highly recommended and worth every penny!"
Katrina Coatsworth
"Attended seminar this weekend. Was full of information and felt relaxed and comfortable discussing range of issues. Extremely well run and glad I went. Even did the low impact HIIT DVD this morning as am full of enthusiasm to improve. Keep up the good work Gill!!!"
Julie Nyland
"This seminar is brilliant, all you need to know about nutrition, exercise, weight loss etc. Lots of support from Gill to help women achieve the very best of health and fitness."
Elaine Casson
"Final PT session before race day completed this afternoon! Eek! A big shout out to Gill Hamrebtan of Menobliss for training me up over the past couple of months, for pushing me harder that ever before, for helping me regain some strength and body confidence, and for instilling some faith in myself! I have a better understanding of how my body now works and far greater knowledge of how a menopause friendly diet can make all the difference! A huge thank you to Kickstart TYA cancer support for funding my health club membership to make all this possible! A week today I'll be an emotional wreck - hopefully out of pure pride and sense of achievement after crossing that finishing line! We're on the home straight now... Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far - you all rock ❤."
Sara Morton
I just attended the yoga for menopause class it was really informative and super relaxing given by a fantastic instructor would recommend to anyone.
"For ladies of a certain age - don’t suffer any longer....! I can highly recommend Gill’s Menobliss workshops. Not only will you find them informative but also lots of fun. So much help and advice available as Gill really knows her stuff. Learn lots of practical tips for you to make changes that really can help and easily adapt into your lifestyle, always knowing you have someone like Gill and a group of like minded ladies to offer support when ever you need it...! Get booking ladies, you won’t regret it!"
"In January 2018, I wanted to explore Yoga a little more so I attended one of Gills workshops, once again in the company of a lovely bunch of ladies, nice easy pace which is suitable for all and came away very relaxed! Gill is very generous with her time, came away with plenty of tips and a very relaxing CD 🙂 not to mention the lovely smoothie and cake!"
"Just attended the Menobliss Meno Yoga session what a fantastic experience. Gill has guided our group through suggested poses to help dealing with this part of woman’s life no one wants to really talk about. I strongly recommend this session. You have to pay but this is the best money you will spend on yourself ladies"
"I have recently attended two of Gill’s thought provoking workshops, both of which have been thoroughly enjoyable, supportive and extremely informative. Just making little changes makes such a difference. Gill really knows her stuff, but most of all, she really cares."
"Gill as always you have delivered a well organised and interesting workshop. I enjoyed it very much and always come back with personal motivational goals and ideas from the information you present us. These can then easily be implemented into our own lives and routines as you keep it real and accessible to all levels. Knowing you are always approachable and willing to help before, during and after all the workshops is invaluable. Keep up the good work and let us know your next venture or workshop as I’ll definitely be interested."
Dawn Kynman
"Thoroughly enjoyed Gill’s Yoga for Menopause workshop today. Very informative and Gill also made sure we had the information by email afterwards too."
"Thanks so much for the workshop on Saturday. It was a super opportunity to learn some practical advice and information about the small changes we can adopt to make our lives easier and more balanced. I will move more and loved the Yoga Nidra. I felt wonderful after that. The women were very kind and supportive of each other and it created a lovely atmosphere, very empowering. Please do keep in touch and let me know about any future events you have planned."
"Firstly, thank you for the brilliant workshop yesterday it was really useful and such a nice small group of ladies too. Gill you have a lot of great tips and obviously have a lot of knowledge and a real passion for what you do. I certainly walked away yesterday feeling more positive and that there is light at the end of this menopausal tunnel !!!!"